Welcome to the ownCloud Administrator Guide. This guide describes administrator tasks for ownCloud; a flexible, open source, file synchronization and sharing solution. ownCloud is comprised of a server running on either a Linux or Microsoft Windows platform as well as client applications for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (Desktop Client) and mobile clients for both the Android and Apple iOS operating system.

Target Audience

This guide is targeted towards people who want to install, administer, and optimize the ownCloud server. If you want to learn more about the ownCloud Web user interface or how to install clients on the server, refer to the following:

ownCloud Videos and Blogs

See the official ownCloud channel and ownClouders community channel on YouTube for tutorials, overviews, and conference videos.

Visit ownCloud Planet for news and developer blogs.

Document Structure

This document is broken out into three major sections – Installation, Configuration, and Maintenance. The Issues sections has instructions for reporting bugs. The following sections provide detailed information about various tasks associated with each of these sections.


This section provides detailed instructions on how to install ownCloud in different scenarios. It contains the following topics:


If you just want to try out ownCloud in a virtual machine, without any configuration, refer to ownCloud Appliances. For your convenience, this topic contains ready-to-use images.


This sections describes the maintenance tasks associated with the ownCloud server (for example, updating or migrating to a new version of ownCloud). It contains the following topics:


What to do when you have problems, and where to report bugs.